Prospective Students

A Ministry of Harvest Church Meridian

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a student at BHC! It is our firm belief that Bible college is not merely for the pastors among us. Christians in every walk of life, no matter their calling, should study the Word of God and lay a firm foundation to build their lives upon. Our current student base is made up of members of Harvest Church Meridian, but have reached beyond to the areas around us. If you are interested in applying for this coming school year, see our Apply Page to complete an application. Completed applications can be emailed or dropped by our office in person. Feel free to contact our office with any questions.


Schedule & Classes

Class Schedule:

Our current class schedule runs 7:30AM-12 Noon, Monday-Friday. Due to the nature of our relationship with Harvest Church Meridian, students are required to participate in various church events, classes, and small groups. We believe that the in-working of faith requires and outworking of deeds. This gives students the opportunity to put into practice what they are learning in the classroom in a very real and practical way.


The courses we offer are strategically selected in partnership with Portland Bible College to give you the best possible Biblical Foundation. Our courses range from strong Bible Doctrine and Bible survey courses to practical application and life skills. One or two of our courses may change from year to year, but our core content remains the same.

First Year: Partial List
Basic Doctrine Old & New Testament Survey Passions & Values Personal Discipline Intro to Bible Study
Second Year: Partial List

Bible Research, The Book of Acts, Local Church, Pentateuch, Covenants

Hear from previous students

“I attended the school for three years, starting back in 2007. Throughout the past decade, the value of those years and those theological studies has been proven time and time again. I’m constantly amazed at how the in-depth understanding of God and His word has greatly impacted my entire life, value system, thought process and worldview. Today I am a staff pastor at Harvest, and am currently the dean of students here at BHC. I’ve given my life to this program because I believe wholeheartedly in what it provides. I’m thrilled to not only have been a devoted student but to be presently engaged in the ever-progressing development of such an effective educational experience. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know God and His word more, regardless of calling and career. It’s a smart choice for anyone.”

Jonny Bryan

Director, Boise Harvest College

“I attended Harvest Church’s Bible college program from 2007 to 2010, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did my love for the Bible grow, but I also learned to apply Scripture to life much more skillfully. The principles and character I learned through the classes and interactions with pastoral staff have helped me to think more clearly and approach decisions with much more courage. This has served me well again and again in my personal life, in the business world, as well as in cross-cultural missions experiences. 

I really recommend every young person to plan on at least one or two years of bible college before they pursue their career because of the way it has helped me apply my faith to real life and ministering to people in the secular world.”

Jennifer Shoppell

Admin Assistant

“Having completed one year of Bible college as a part of BHC’s first ever class, I am currently planning to enroll in the college’s second year program. I am excited to return to the classroom because the local church context provides personal and targeted teaching in the areas that matter most. For me, this even included a class each semester taught by our very own Pastor Mark. One of the greatest benefits of this is a front row seat to the leadership and vision of Harvest. My bible college experience has done much to equip me for reading, studying, and preaching the Word of God. Taking a closer look at some of the historical and cultural contexts of scripture not only provides a richer understanding of them, but it also establishes a rounder, more complete worldview. I would suggest Bible college to anyone looking to be trained and desiring to access more of the Bible’s treasures.”

Laura Bryan

Stay at Home Mom, Worship Leader