Each year, BHC students have the opportunity to participate in an international missions trip. Typically, this trip takes place between semesters in January.

These trips are unbelievable and life-changing in so many ways. Previous trips have given students the opportunity to teach, preach, participate in service projects, serve local children, community outreaches, and so much more!

Students are required to attend one international missions trip during their two years in the BHC program, and are encouraged to attend a mission’s trip both years should finances allow it.

“The mission trip to Thailand was life changing. I got to experience the incredible diversity of the culture of Thailand; from the bustling city streets to the rural hills of the country. I was given the opportunity to change lives by sharing the gospel, which has ignited a new hunger for the Word of God and has inspired me to become more evangelistic in my daily life. It was beautiful to see that the presence of God is the same both here in America, and across the seas!”
Michaela Kuskie

“Going to Peru was a life-changing experience. We traveled to many different parts of the country and ministered with different churches on a daily basis; the emphasis on evangelism and preaching pushed me to find and trust God like never before. Peru – and the practical and transforming power of the gospel – is forever in my heart.”

Anna Bryan

“The most impacting thing was the realization that I have something to say. It doesn’t have to be a huge, mind-blowing revelation. But bringing clarity, simplicity, and understanding to a passage or story became my goal as I shared the Word. Every time I shared, God was faithful to give me a burden for what to share and afterward I learned that it was exactly what was needed. The mission trip added so much value to me as a man who has a voice, but also as a child of God – someone who God personally invests in.”
Jordan Martinez

“Going to Thailand changed the way I think about evangelism and preaching. I put limits on what God could do through me and those lies were broken there. Every day was an opportunity to see how the Lord could further transform me into His image. I am forever grateful to have been a part of this trip because of the fears that were conquered and the limited views of what God has for me were enlarged.”

Nicole French