Harvest College Programs


In all of our courses, students work toward an associate degree in theology. From there, we offer full-time and part-time programs. Due to the internship nature of BHC, we strongly encourage full-time attendance. This is by far the best way to get not only the better deal regarding per-credit costs, but also to gain from the hands-on training and ministry experience that are included in the internship aspect of full-time students. The part-time option is almost purely academic. See the details below to find which option best suits you.

Full-Time Students

Our main option is full-time enrollment. Our full-time students take 16 credits each semester, allowing students to receive an Associate of Theology upon completion of the second year. This time-efficient program is also the most cost-effective package we offer, at only $164 per credit. Students have the option to participate in the annual international missions trip (required in at least one of the two years students may attend the program). These options are reflected below: 

Option 1 – Complete package: $7800 per year, which includes classes, textbooks, materials, retreats, orientation, AND a two-week international missions trip.

Option 2 – Everything but the missions trip: $4,800 per year, including classes, textbooks, materials, retreats, and orientation.

Part-Time Students

BHC accepts part-time students to allow individuals to work at their own pace. However, this option does not offer a degree in the same time-frame and elongates the academic process. Part-time students are eligible to participate in the international mission trip if they enroll in a minimum of 8 credits in the fall semester (enroll half-time). Tuition is slightly higher for part-time students at $180 per credit; this includes all in-class materials, but does not include textbooks or the mission trip.

Comparing Programs


PBC Online
PBC on-Campus
BHC Part-Time
BHC Full-Time
Tech/Registration Fees
$60 $252 $50 $50
Tuition Fees per credit
$220 $255 $180 $164
Varies $150-300 Not included Included
NA $280 NA Included
Mission Trip
NA NA Optional Included