Harvest Church Meridian | Boise Capitol Building

Forging Christian Leaders

Boise Harvest College is a leadership training school committed to making disciples who will bring the transforming message of Jesus Christ to every area of society. Today more than ever, Christian leaders are needed who will both build the church and reach the world, fearlessly standing on the principles of God’s Word. We believe the next generation needs to develop a deep love for Christ, learn a biblical foundation for their faith, and be salt and light wherever God might send them–from the marketplace to medical professions to politics to the education system. BHC combines college-level instruction in the Word of God with hands-on discipleship and practical leadership training. Our vision is to raise ministers of the gospel that would change the world for Christ, first on their knees and then wherever God might send them.

“Bible college is not just for future pastors; it lays a foundation for anyone who simply wants to walk in obedience and greater knowledge of God. My experience at BHC has been invaluable. BHC has equipped me to be confident in the Word of God and lead with greater effectiveness!”

Charissa Miller, 2020

BHC has equipped me for the future through hands-on experience, close mentorship,  building relationships, and most importantly, diving into the Word of God in detail. Attending BHC was the best decision I could have made, and I am forever grateful for the challenging yet practical experience! 

Natasha Mwiinga, 2023

Ministry of Harvest Church

Boise Harvest College is a ministry of Harvest Church Meridian. The pastors and staff of the church make up the staff and faculty of the school. In line with the mission and vision of Harvest Church, BHC seeks to make disciples who will “live like Jesus and share His love,” as well as be “built together” with the local church “to change the world.”


BHC is a discipleship-intensive leadership training school. Our goal is to make disciples and raise servant leaders. We do this through hands-on training, close mentorship, and practical experience. Whether moving on to marketplace ministry or church ministry, strong Christian character is a necessary foundation for success. Those in our first year program will work on character development and gain preliminary ministry experience. Year two students can expect to be challenged in their spiritual growth and carry more responsibility. 


At Boise Harvest College, discipleship and character development meet academics and education. Boise Harvest College is an affiliate of Portland Bible College, which allows our students to transfer credits to PBC toward a degree in theology. From there, students can transfer their credits to another university to continue their college education in whatever career path God is calling them. Our program provides the opportunity for students to receive an associate of theology after the successful completion of year two.