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Forging Christian Leaders

Boise Harvest College is a discipleship focused training school committed to forming servant leaders for local churches and societies throughout the world. This is accomplished through instruction in the Word of God and development of godly character in a local church context. Our program is a balance of college-level courses and hands-on discipleship and mentoring. This is to combine discipleship with a strong Biblical education to forge Christian leaders for the world today.


BHC is a discipleship-intensive leadership training school. Our goal is to make disciples and raise servant leaders. We do this through hands-on training, close mentorship, and practical experience. Whether moving on to marketplace ministry or church ministry, strong Christian character is a necessary foundation for success. Those in our first year program will work on character development and gain preliminary ministry experience. Year two students can expect to be challenged in their spiritual growth and carry more responsibility.Β 


In conjunction with the discipleship aspect, BHC is accredited. Discipleship and character development meet academics and education. Boise Harvest College is an affiliate of Portland Bible College, which allows our students to transfer credits to PBC toward a degree in theology. Our unique program gives opportunity for students to receive an associates of theology after successful completion of year two. Regardless of one’s calling, it is our firm belief that a solid foundation in the Word of God and a Biblical worldview will set anyone up for success!