Boise Harvest College is an affiliate of Portland Bible College in Portland, Oregon. This relationship gives BHC the ability to provide a quality, theological education locally. A PBC degree cannot be completed entirely in an Affiliate program (like BHC). Portland Bible College requires a minimum of 40% of credits towards a degree to be taken directly from them – either on campus or through their online program. The BHC program is designed in such a way to meet this standard by incorporating PBC online courses into the BHC school schedule. All students who successfully complete the BHC program, in its entirety, will meet the requirements to complete an official PBC degree.

Boise Harvest College itself is not degree granting. Upon successful completion of year one, students will receive a Certificate of Theology from PBC. Upon successful completion of year two, BHC students will receive an Associate’s Degree in Theology from PBC. Students can seamlessly go on to pursue further theological courses through PBC without any transfer issues or loss of credit.

BHC is a unique opportunity due to the incredible availability of world-renowned teachers from PBC, such as Ken Malmin and Frank Damazio, through the online courses. But also students will benefit from the face-time of teachers in the classroom from Harvest Church’s staff and faculty. This blends rich heritage with a practical learning experience that is one-of-a-kind.

*Contact the Harvest College Administration Office for more information.